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OVA Ryoko was a coldblooded killer, with no remorse for her crimes. She also enjoyed sex with strangers and getting hammered.

OVA Ayeka was willing to lay waste to an entire town, just to ‘avenge her brother’. And enjoys torturing people. Like when she made Ryoko CUM from electric shock torture and whips Tenchi til he addresses her as ‘queen’.

OVA Washu, Tsunami & Tokimi are ‘gods’, who conduct experiments on the beings/universes they’ve created, in hopes of discovering a higher dimensional being. To them the galaxies they’ve created are little different than an animal laboratory, with them the scientists conducting tests.

OVA Mihoshi was originally planned to be an assassin, but that was changed when the script for EP4 was finalized.

OVA Sasami enjoys pitting girl against girl, then lavishing in their misfortune. Like when she tricked the girls into believing the stories in some old shoujo manga would work in netting Tenchi.

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  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    You… I like you

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Yoru Morino. That is all.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Haha, I actually like the Literature Girl (Yassan) from Nichibros. She was hilarious as hell.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Seriously surprised at how there is no mention of either of the two main girls from school days.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    As is, the list can be remade in any way you wish, you just discard the items you don’t want. Series names make all the related ones pop in the heads easier, but they have to be brought forth as voting items first anyway, so it’s probable your restrictions wouldn’t make it more interesting, just reduce the number of options. And series environments define the plausibility or conspicuousness of certain traits as well, so why throw that out.

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  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    I mean this is MD Geist violent, not EoE violent. Although it’s obvious they pay homage to Asuka’s fate at the hands of the MP Evas. Anime used to be bloody since the 70′s, heck even Zeta was violent and that was a kiddy show. But notice how in good shows and films, they don’t go overboard with the blood spilling, and even when they do show gore, it’s done in a subtle, implied way, so as to have more emotional impact. It’s what’s not seen that arouses horror, not what is seen. One more thing I …

  • Tsukimonogatari Anime Due:
    Why don’t you show them how it’s done first.

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    thats the point of tragedy) if simple death doesnt bother any1, appears death that does, and death of kawaiko-chan-tachi bothers most of audience, makes every normal human sad and despaire maybe even crying, me 4 example was made pretty sad by it, but it is genre of this anime, it must make every1 sad because its fukn tragedy of young norma girls and 4 some perverts its good fap material like anon 14.57, sooo most of all r satisfied. Drop it bro if u cant stand it.

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    It all originated from Madoka Magica. The whole “cute girls despair” has actually become a genre in Japan

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    well that’s just sexist


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