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One word… Minmay

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  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    You… I like you

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Yoru Morino. That is all.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Haha, I actually like the Literature Girl (Yassan) from Nichibros. She was hilarious as hell.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    Seriously surprised at how there is no mention of either of the two main girls from school days.

  • Top 15 Anime Babes with Issues:
    As is, the list can be remade in any way you wish, you just discard the items you don’t want. Series names make all the related ones pop in the heads easier, but they have to be brought forth as voting items first anyway, so it’s probable your restrictions wouldn’t make it more interesting, just reduce the number of options. And series environments define the plausibility or conspicuousness of certain traits as well, so why throw that out.

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  • Horrific Calne Ca Miku Figure:

  • The Tentacle Vagina Girl Parody Onahole:
    those things on the inside would rip so fast it’s not even worth it

  • Horrific Calne Ca Miku Figure:
    I think that thing would be rather afiliated with nurgle or slaneesh, maybe tzeentch.

  • Triage X “Tri-X” Depraved:
    I think that attraction, of any orientation, especially for those that immediately labels the opposite side as “someone I want to die for” is either: 1) A behavior that develops over time. 2) Bullshit writing used by the likes of Stephanie Meyer. In which case, this falls flat under number 2.

  • Shoujo Kyouiku Sexy Hadaka Apron Ero-Anime:
    Opinions? This is sloppy work, there is no way around it. Look at that naked-apron kissing part, the two characters are layered differently in 2D and parts of them just can’t be seen, it’s like being made by child who cut out something from paper and plays with it.


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