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Well 3 of the pink haired girls are sisters (and aliens) so it’s genetic.

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness “Still Hot Even Censored”:
    Momo! MOMO!!!

  • To Love-Ru Darkness “Still Hot Even Censored”:
    For me is because of length. Hentai series are never long enough. Most are 1 shots. There a a lot of 2 parters. A few 3 parters and from there it gets very scarce. I’ve seen a few 4 episodes long hentai series. One of my favorites, Moonlight Lady is 6 episodes long. Ecchi series on the other hand are at least 12 eps long. And some like To Love-Ru are way longer. And yes, I sort of accept that Ecchi is better for some people. Has something to do with fantasy and projection. Also, marketing. few …

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  • Nekomimi Survivor: “Your Cats Star in an RPG!”:
    Instructions unclear. Cat stuck in smartphone case.

  • Tamatoys: “JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly”:
    Politicians are amoral creatures of boundless greed. They only pretend to be moral guardians because that gets them vote with the elderly. They only reason they don’t outright band this stuff is because that costs them votes too. They have to appease business and civil rights groups too. Hence the compromise.

  • Tamatoys: “JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly”:
    I’m conflicted. On the one hand 99.99% of the Japanese people would consider this disgusting so it seems unfair to label Japan as a country of weirdos. Then again this really happens only in Japan doesn’t it?

  • Tamatoys: “JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly”:
    Not exactly. Paper thin censorship is not the result of malice. It’s the result of a conflict of interests. Moral guardians would be perfectly outright destroying anything that doesn’t completely conforms to their aesthetic preferences. Freedom advocates would rather there be no censorship of any kind at all. Politicians try to appeal to both sides by essentially allowing all forms of expression first, then censoring the most egregious aspects of it.

  • Koutetsu no Majo Annerose Extreme Bukkake Ero-Anime:
    The point of censorship is to preserve the moral. It is believed that watching lewd acts will turn you away from a productive, law abiding married man into a savage, woman raping criminal. It’s bullshit of course. Then censorship rules started getting more and more relaxed until now where the simple rule is that genitals must be pixelated. Maybe in 15 years japan will finally have uncensored pron.


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