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It’s the same reason softcore porn exists. If you have too much of anything, it gets kinda dull so you have to back off to appreciate it.

Also for some people: really long series and likable characters = better connection and deeper escapist fantasy.

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  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    how is bellbandy not on this list?

  • To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd BD Steam Dissipates:
    Lol whut? You’ve 100% completely missed the plot in your attempts to take offence at things. Do you actually know anything about the series? The people accusing him of being gay aren’t saying so to insult gays you idiot. It’s because gay men aren’t interested in women, y’know. Not complex logic. In fairness though, a genuine gay man would at least have the spine and common decency to say no to the girls and tell them to fuck off. Rito is simply a boring lazily written blank slate of a main …

  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    Yeah she’s probably the type of girl who can’t wait to run home and schlick herself silly.

  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    That can’t be right. Kinomoto was lusting for the male reproductive organ from the first episode and throughout all the seasons.

  • Top 20 Purest Anime Characters:
    Pure girls: Generally devoid of any and all sexual desire due to being young. Pure guys: Generic do-good-er, personality consists of: “I want to save the world” and “ME WANT FOOD”; a blank piece of paper is more interesting and has a deeper backstory.


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