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I’m surprised that everyone is missing how the writers are portraying free love and especially homosexuality with what seems to be a very conservative Buddhist social outlook. This is highlighted when they compare this type of societal love to that of what apes have, more specifically bonobos. Am I the only who sees the writers shinning a negative light on this culture’s morals?

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  • Shinsekai Yuri Ero Action:
    “The only difference is Brave New World was horseshit” You have to be kidding me right? Brave New World is one of the greatest novels of the early twentieth century, mainly for how prophetic it was. Huxley blows away Orwell with Brave New World or any writer attempting to capture the future at that time.

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    There is no reason why Welcome to the NHK’s OP should have made it on to this list, it’s nothing like that template. Not to mention there are many OPs from “GOOD ANIME” that do not follow that template, such as: Tatami Galaxy, Paranoia agent, and Samurai Champloo; come to mind instantly.

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    Nicholas Copernicus Sir Francis Bacon Johannes Kepler Galileo Galilei Rene Descartes Isaac Newton Robert Boyle Michael Faraday Gregor Mendel William Thomson Kelvin Max Planck and Albert Einstein Now All of you can agree that these men were some of the most brilliant scientists to walk the face of the earth, and you know one major thing they have in common. They all believed in God.


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