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What is this crap? Why is all this yuri soaking up the valuable screen time? This is the only yaoi this season, it needs maximum exposure (AND PENETRATION!).

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  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Covered From Every Angle:
    Holy shit, Japanese cosplayers are fucking terrible at costume making. Also, attention whoring to the max. Yes, I am a straight male, and I enjoy pretty women in skimpy clothes, but goddamn. There is maybe one or two decent costumes in the whole lot. /cosplayer rant.

  • Nozomi x Kimio Less Inspired Ero-Anime:
    The world doesn’t need more sexualization. What it does need is to stop babying kids/teens so much. Let them run, fall, play in an unsafe manner, get hurt, test their own limits, and yes, occassional get burned by bad choices. Why can a girl, who’s clearly not a virgin, star in a porn vid on her 18th birthday, but a 17 year old get charged with making child porn because she sexted? Is an almost-18 year old too immature to make decisions, but 2 days later miraculously matures so she can suddenly …

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Covered From Every Angle:
    She slapped a bow on her panties.

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Covered From Every Angle:
    Oh and before anyone asks, I know she isn’t wearing much if anything, but she has something!

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Covered From Every Angle: A for effort, despite having micro, non existent breasts, she pulls off a descent armor wearing character.


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