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For how much I’ve read : more yuri than yaoi and the anime is really different form the manga
(manga: you actually do see Reiko beeing killed by the Faze cat and the teacher appear on the scene , during the summer camp they don’t encounter the niseminoshiro and didn’t have their canti sealed nor they learn about the “truth” and they don’t get sepaated before meeting Squealer and his queen (pic 50 onward are from after they reach squealer’s colony).)

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  • Triage X Quite Gripping:
    Yuuko has the best everything. Hottest anime woman in a long time.

  • Triage X Quite Gripping:
    Hope the BD delivers, then.

  • 3Ping Lovers! Absolutely Enormous:
    I didn’t say he was being lazy. I just really want him to work on those, lol. Oh wait, he’s working on Valkyrie Drive, at least. That looks awesome.

  • 3Ping Lovers! Absolutely Enormous:
    Here’s a revelation: None of you have bad taste. You all have your own tastes. What’s with this place and everyone hating each other? Can’t we just be happy we all love tits, regardless of size? Stop shaming and looking down on each other and shitting on each other’s interests. You guys just help make the world a shittier place.

  • The Last Man On Earth A True Paradise:
    Just have sex until the moment of ejaculation. There are also condoms specificaly for this kind of thing so he could have all the sex with a few selected women but still impregnate thousands of different ones.


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