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because the majority of male anime fans, especially those on this site, are so insecure about their sexuality they feel threatened by the slightest hint of two men getting friendly. And thus have to cause a stink in comments all EWWW GAAAAAY MUST LET EVERYONE KNOW I AM HETERO HRRGH RROOOOAR.

pretty sad really.

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  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    In before this stupid, emotional, and ignorant response to anime gets responded to by even more stupid, emotional, and angry ppl who hack her, send her death threats, spam her social media with the nastiest words ever, and further validate her ignorant views on anime fans. Perpetual Hatred and Revenge – Even if We Fix Everything Else in the World, We’ll Never Fix That.

  • “Made in China” Dump Food Sold Fresh:
    Not as terrible as people thing. The terrible thing is that its all piled up, let in the worst possible conditions. If it was given to people in an orderly manner, it wouldn’t cause much problem. Food that has slightly passed its “expiration” day is still edible.

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    I asked the officials after it happen and they really did laugh at me. It made me feel even worse!

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    Even a piece of entertainment clearly targeted towards specific group of japanese adult men (otaku) doesn’t able to escape from the 24/7 surveillance radar of rabid, insane, prone to angry burst feminazists and GynoWarriors. What’s next, banning hentai and JAV?

  • Clinton Crony: “Keijo = Child Porn!”:
    She have yet to watch Boku no Pico yet. Pretty sure that’s child porn lmao.


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