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Because the village weeds out the weak cantus users as well as users who exhibit deviant personality and those who don’t possess the ability.

Amano Reiko turned out to possess a weak cantus so she was eliminated.

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  • Euphoria Still Torturous & Degrading:
    Its pretty extreme, for example the short hair girl in this episode gets either vivisected alive or squished between two panes of glass as one of the endings.

  • Euphoria Still Torturous & Degrading:
    The actual H-VN is guro. If you got the stomach for it you should check it out, the stuff that happened in the anime is pretty flowers compared to the source material.

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    He got eaten, thats kinda vore if you squint a bit.

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    Well its the Battle of Wake island, Kisaragi was meant to be sunk. Though if they are following the historic timeline in which the Imperial japanese navy lost its ships, then we may see Fubuki “accidently” sinking 4 other friendly ships.

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    You forgot that Idolmaster had a large advertising for the movie (and the dvd was released recently) and the new game in the series.


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