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Because the village weeds out the weak cantus users as well as users who exhibit deviant personality and those who don’t possess the ability.

Amano Reiko turned out to possess a weak cantus so she was eliminated.

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  • Love Stage Ending “Most Gay”:
    Except most Yuri focused anime is marketed towards a more broader audience like titles such as: Mai-otome (action, fantasy,sci-fi), Blue Drop (action,sci-fi) All of Bee Train’s girls with guns series (action) Simoun (mecha,sci-fi,action) Kannazuki no miko (mecha, sci-fi,action) and many more… and apart from these titles, there are a few yuri anime that are actually full on yuri like Sakura Kiss. Whereas there are a currently a few yaoi titles that market towards a larger audience like No.6 …

  • Love Stage Ending “Most Gay”:
    uh no. The feminine looking one is all male, i think the original source portrays him without the crossdressing i think?

  • Dog Days Season 3 Announced:
    Not sure about steins gate since Robotic notes exists in the same universe as steins gate and chaos head. So if you want your spinoff or “sequel” there you have it. But for Chobits… Really? You want more of that?

  • Haruhi’s Lost Memories – Found:
    whoops. Free is indeed an adaptation. Which means their original works are only Munto and Tamako, which both did pretty average.

  • Haruhi’s Lost Memories – Found:
    Only one of their original works that is quite popular and selling alot is Free! while others like Munto and Tamako story are doing average. Not sure if making alot more money is truly accurate.


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