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Because the village weeds out the weak cantus users as well as users who exhibit deviant personality and those who don’t possess the ability.

Amano Reiko turned out to possess a weak cantus so she was eliminated.

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  • Suicide Seiyuu: “With My Face Like This I Can’t Go Back”:
    Looking at her list of voiced characters, she hasn’t voiced many (if any at all) main characters. I guess she got tired of waiting to have her big role, or she is trying to get more attention to herself. Either way she is in a sad position to be in.

  • Black Bullet Bloody Loli Anime:
    Only the MC landed a hit on him. He might not know if the same thing may work again. After all, he did kick his head to a 180 degree turn, only to twist it back into place. So he probably wouldn’t have thought to tell his coworkers that in the first place. Thats my reasoning.

  • Top 10 BL Anime:
    I wonder what the lists will be once Love Stage, an actual Yaoi/BL anime comes out. If its not first place i shall give a hearty laugh.

  • Top 10 Anime of Winter 2014:
    the real question to the vocaloid anime is to whether or not hire saki fujita to voice & sing miku’s lines like in miss monochrome or use the vocaloid program.

  • Top 10 Anime of Winter 2014:
    glad to see nagi no asukara is on the list.


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