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Because the village weeds out the weak cantus users as well as users who exhibit deviant personality and those who don’t possess the ability.

Amano Reiko turned out to possess a weak cantus so she was eliminated.

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  • Kantai Collection Shocks Fans:
    Well its the Battle of Wake island, Kisaragi was meant to be sunk. Though if they are following the historic timeline in which the Imperial japanese navy lost its ships, then we may see Fubuki “accidently” sinking 4 other friendly ships.

  • Top 20 Girls You’d Want To Sit Next To In Class:
    You forgot that Idolmaster had a large advertising for the movie (and the dvd was released recently) and the new game in the series.

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    i know that, but sheryl got replaced by an artist not a band. Generally a band consists of two people or more and considering that japan hasn’t recovered economically its more expensive that way.

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    have you watched the crossover with fire bomber and macross frontier? Its awful and a cheap production that consists of using old macross footage and having the frontier cast commentating over it. But yes in a sense Frontier did show some of older cast. Or if you count the episode where Ranka had a role in a movie which was an homage/spinoff to Macross Zero.

  • Macross Delta Unveiled:
    why make the series interesting to the west when Harmony Gold will just stop it again? and Business-wise its better to have music that targets the wider demographic, so no heavy metal. And to be honest: Japanese rock/heavy metal is meh, especially with engrish and hiring actual bands sounds expensive since they will be the VAs too. So in other words; screw that plan and bring on the Jpop idols!


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