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Just because the game is not the best of the franchise it should receive hate. If you live by this code u will be eternaly unsatisfied and sad. For example, i dont thing that FF13 is amazing but i liked it and i dont compare it with FF7 of other past iterations like you grumpy haters of sankaku. Write something if you like the game/anime/movie etc.. If you HATE IT just KEEP QUIET and dont play/watch.

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    It’s not hard to find hentai without any of the listed, even if they are the majority. Vanilla, Yuri, Reverse-Rape/Femdom (girl raping guy), Harem, Futa and Monster Girl are just a few that will work, and there’s plenty out there. I’d say these genre of hentai make up the other 10%. I’m also not opposed to getting a hentai that might have something that turns me off so long as it has a few scenes I find to be okay. It’s easy to skip a scene I find unappealing.

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    No! Slutty Sherryl is better. And she has boobs too.

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    ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )

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    pee pee motherfucker


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