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The reviews are already around and sadly the graphics are NOT on par whit PSBOX, the texture resolution is lower and has no antialiasing whatsoever, and is not running on 1080p or at 60fps either (altough it wasnt really 1080/60 on psbox either) the game IS better because it brings back desmenberent and multiple weapons, and more playable character, son in a way is the better version, but graphically is inferior (like bayonetta in ps3 versus 360, or the other way around ff13 on 360 versus ps3)

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  • Love Stage: “More Rotten than Free!”:
    The amount of homophobia here is laughable. This is called self denial guys. Just admit that deep inside you’re scared for no reason that you might be gay and quit this bullshit. Idiots these days just swallow what they’ve been told like pills and don’t even question the credibility of their contents. Oh, well, it’s not like anyone here is getting any good, actual sex the “hetero” way. At least not without paying…

  • Imouto Okashii Reveals Yet More Pantsu:
    i know but it makes her panty shot really disturbing.

  • Jinsei Juicy Melon Anime:
    She’s got some nice melons.

  • Imouto Okashii Reveals Yet More Pantsu:
    Why would you buy this on BD? You would be better off waiting for the American release. If To Love Ru Darkness can get a release in English this will too. The fact they were so deceptive with their censoring should be a good reason to boycott the Japanese release. Had they had boobs under that censor, it would be must buy.

  • Love Stage Excessively Dramatic:
    It’s funny you guys get so butthurt so easily, this is how girls feel about all your crappy harem shit the whole time!


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