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I, for one, hope Sony stays in the market.

You know, the thing about Sony’s consoles (after PS2) is that they always start off slow.
Take PSP for instance, it didn’t sell well until years after its release. Then there’s the PS3, everyone lol’d how it has no games, now it has lots of great exclusives and is a much more desirable console compared to when the fat model was still around.

Vita is somewhat of a failure all around, maybe it’ll change. Maybe not.

Nintendo seems to be dead set on making its console seem “adult” by ‘convincing’ devs to make edgy games for it. We’ll see how it all turns out – can’t judge a console by its launch lineup – especially that we haven’t yet seen what Microsoft and Sony have in store for us.

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    I guess Blizzard want to make Overwatch porn themselves.

  • Nudist Beach ni Shuugakuryokou de “Fun In The Sun!”:
    JEZUS H CHRIRST. That was fucking horrific eye cancer. 20 minutes of animated pink Jello pudding and some sloppy groaning. The ‘animators’ and ‘character designer’ for that should be taken out back and shot. The original manga artwork had clearly defined characters, and an actual story (a flimsy premise at least). This was just incoherent, sloppy poking and prodding.

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    It’s Arrancar

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    >No other game/show has ever been porned out so much, as far as I know. Dragon’s Crown would like to have a word with you. Unless you’re talking specifically about Western works or mainstream sites, in which case, carry on.

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    Oh so this would be like what, the second thing trying to fight against Rule 34 this year? Don’t they know of they do that more porn will be made of it?


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