Comment on Uno Kanda’s Corpse Transformation by Greg:

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She should cosplay as that chick from Nightmare Before Christmas.

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  • Street Fighter 5: “M.Bison is Back!”:
    I read this on a Wednesday, but for him it was Tuesday.

  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    So in your world the non-white majority of the Earth are just passive agents who have no control over anything and let whitey do whatever he wants? God, I wish I lived in THAT universe.

  • Kadokawa Buys From: “Armored Core Collection”:
    Tenchu, not Tengu.

  • “10 Reasons Japanese Games Suck”:
    As has already been mentioned in part most of the listed crimes happen in specific areas perpetrated by specific demographics.

  • “10 Reasons Japanese Games Suck”:
    “japan only does slutty outfits in console games, american games will show actual nudity, its the japanese that are the real prudes” Japanese games usually have a colorful enough world or too silly a story such that any nudity they put in their games would be considered “tasteless nudity.” They also usually aren’t interested in telling adult stories using an anime inspired medium and Japanese consumers appear less interested in nudity in gaming when they already have so much eroge elsewhere. …


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