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Don’t worry. Even the American gamers will never get these DLCs because of licensing issues.

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  • Moist Misaka Mikoto Cosplay by Naasan:
    That isn’t Biribiri… That is imouto.

  • Akame ga Kill: “Will The Torment Ever Cease!?”:
    Borick’s Assassination completely changed, the attack went down differently and the whole battle didn’t occur. Instead he just vanished sometime and was killed. After that, the complete Wild Hunt Arc is pretty much missing. In episode 20, Shura is “introduced” (even though he appeared before) and dies in that episode, Mine and Tatsumi have’t even kissed yet (on screen at least), Susanoo is alive as well as Run (since the Wild Hund Arc didn’t occur). Basically, the anime is now pretty much at …

  • Akame ga Kill: “Will The Torment Ever Cease!?”:
    I am sick of this show. It is heading towards a horrible bad ending.. I hate shows with bad endings! Evil wins.. good loses.. screw you! Good guy kills single bad guy but 3-4 more bad guys replace the 1 bad guy.. The characters do not even make you care for them and the bad guys are just plain stupid.. I know we are doing bad but I will continue to do bad how fucked up is this Empire! Oh Justice! We are justice kill everyone! Oh and let’s try to make the viewers like the characters by showing …

  • Monster Hunter Frontier G x Madoka:
    They look so manly.

  • Akame ga Kill: “Will The Torment Ever Cease!?”:
    They pretty much went from seryuu’s death to lubbock (rabac) death. So they skipped all the Wild hunt part, and that lovely clown called champ could’t even appear.


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