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Musee is definitely the C.C to Gaius’ Leoluch

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  • Kishimoto on Naruto Ending: “I’ll Create More Manga!”:
    Yes. Because we couldn’t fit something so easy as rationally and subtly build a relationship for 700 chapters, we cashgrab the “romance”. Genius I may be a (past) Naruto x Hinata supporter, but nothing happened between them. The one part which it could had been brought up (ie Hinata vs Pain and Hinata almost dies saving Naruto), Sakura beaver-blocks it.

  • New Naruto Manga Announced: “It Just Won’t Die!”:
    I should be Ok with this, but I am not. Naruto spent 90% of the manga crying and following Saauke Hinata and Naruto never did anything together. Hell, even against an unwiniable fight against Pain, and Hinata saved Naruto, Naruto never thanked Hinata for her sacrafice. I may be a Naruto X Hinata supporter, but Hinata deserves better.

  • Naruto Ends November – “Finally!”:
    What relationship? Naruto was busy whacking off to Sasuke. Hinata deserved better.

  • Top 10 Mahou Shoujo Anime, According to Women:
    No Princess Tutu? You sicken me

  • Sword Art Online 2 Rides Hard:
    Tell that to the fanboys who in response pathetically defend their series when the problems are slapping them in the faces like masochists. Two sides of the same coin


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