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Musee is definitely the C.C to Gaius’ Leoluch

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  • DOA 5 Ultimate Marie Rose Ero-Kawaii DLC:
    (at pic 1) She has “some”? Not alot, but it’s something

  • D-Frag! Dangerous Oppai Anime: [Oppai Intensifies]

  • “Finally!” – My Little Pony Moe Anime Surfaces:
    Seriously, where was the topic of “jacking off” in my sentence? But since your going that route, it can be said for Sonic franchise but no one complains.

  • “Finally!” – My Little Pony Moe Anime Surfaces:
    I always considered Fluttershy being the moe one since episode 1. Really, no one complains when K-On or any show like it does the same thing or in that nature. No one complains when Touhou does parodys. But when someone puts in the word “pony” in it, everyone looses their minds IMO, the only reason I’m checking out the show is because of Lauran Faust. Anyone who has worked on Powerpuff Girls AND the wife of its creator knows how to make a female-casted show without insulting the audience …

  • Shingeki no Kyojin Mangaka: “I Dumped Its Shocking Ending”:
    He should had go the Gurren Laggan route in killing the main character and giving motivation for the other characters and making it about HUMANS DEFEATING TITANS AND MAKING IT THEIR HONORABLE VICTORY!!!. Now he is in DBZ territory where it gets downhill.


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