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Irishman – insufficient balls to wear a kilt.

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  • Junketsu no Maria Quite Heavenly:
    I don’t think god in this anime the almighty one. As some had mentioned, there’re other god as well. May be, the period in anime, Christianity God just became prominent power.

  • Junketsu no Maria Quite Heavenly:
    But Maria is not acting on a divine scale, her actions are focused on the close vicinity to her hut.

  • Busty Pochaco Maid Figure:
    Still waiting for a Super Pochaco OVA

  • Heavyweight Idol Group Pottya Rolls on Stage:
    these girls are literally in no danger of being unhealthy. You obviously have never seen an overweight person before. In fact, the average Idol is -severely underweight- and is in more danger of being unhealthy than these girls. Some of them look like they could starve to death at any moment. You also obviously havent seen the average dance routine of an idol that your unhealthy fat ass couldnt pull off, either, because no unhealthy or unfit person could perform it, let alone regularly. Chubby …

  • Heavyweight Idol Group Pottya Rolls on Stage:
    ‘I have standards for women, which i dont hold myself to. If a women called me fat I would break down in tears and cry.’ The dumb way you guys are reacting is THE POINT. It is meant to be DIFFERENT, they’re obviously doing it in good-humour and I think its a great way to parody the shallow nature of idols and the men who obsess over them. Look, none of these girls are going to lose a minute of sleep over the fact that your ‘standards’ are too high for them. I’m sorry about all the sleep you …


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