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You misspelt handegg.

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  • Chikan Forum Group Gropers Touch Up Wrong Woman:
    Wow. Loads of posts saying “oh, they shouldn’t get charged with x because y”; no posts about how utterly fucked up it must have been for the woman who got publicly groped on a train. Let me explain it for you dense motherfuckers. 1]. A man or woman hates a particular woman. 2]. He/she decides to get her attacked on a train by a bunch of brain-dead pervs; this is possible because of the target needing to keep a routine a relying on public transport. 3]. It only takes maybe an hour trolling, …

  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    Y’know, I was about to say something like “aesthetics matter more than graphics though” or “graphics help with creating immersion, but they’re not the most important thing.” But the best I have got is “this game looks marginally better than GTA Vice City did on the PS2.” Really, Rockstar should skip straight to the Kinect demo of making humping gestures to satisfy prostitutes, followed by stabbing gestures to recover the cost.

  • China’s “Star Gate” Ring Roundly Condemned:
    So, what does the ring represent? Does the void in the middle of the ring represent how devoid of meaning the ring actually is?

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Considering how it was Sony’s gawd-awful online services that resulting such a massive data loss, I anticipate Sony are publicly forcing many PS3 owners to choose between a bad service OR free games. Hmmm… don’t think Sony have thought their ultimatum through all the way. They should do what I do and seed slightly inaccurate versions of the LV0 to try and make the leaked info harder to find and abuse: erk=CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E0630CB9AB2D215865878A riv …

  • Miss China’s Nipples “Must Be 20cm Apart”:
    In tomorrow’s news: A new surgical procedure corrects disfigured women whose nipples are not the regulation 200 mm apart. Next week: A new surgical procedure corrects disfigured women whose nipples are not the regulation 210 mm apart.


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