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“Some football fans in UK” = hooligans = Irish.


If you’re going to keep the silly stereotypes alive, could you at least not mash them all together.

Half the time “Irish football fan” doesn’t even mean a fan of soccer; it means a fan of G.A.A.

Yes its a real sport. Its even on the PS2

Correct way to troll the Irish:

Irish = English (not as effective as it used to be)
“Ireland is not a country”
GAA = GAY (doesn’t work on soccer fans)

Ways that don’t work/Incorrect ways to troll the Irish

Irish are drunks (doesn’t work. Anyone who isn’t a drunk feels everyone else is)
Irish are thugs (doesn’t work. Lower than average European crime)

Signed – Cú
(actual Irishman who believes in quality trolling)

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