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The Dollars are having an offline meeting in Shibuya.

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  • Kowaku no Toki “Most Outrageous Ero-Anime Yet”:
    Im surprise they didn’t fuck a rottening zombies in its maggot-ridden asspipes yet. With all the zombie juice bursting and dripping out an aggressive puke-stained cock, the zombie body vibrating harshly from the thrusts each with a sickening crunch. The throbbing cock pulls out leaving a trial of white goo behind, maggots happily clinging to the throbbing genitiliy of a living man. Boi my writing skills have went down the uh TUBESdon’t u say

  • JK Beheads Classmate, Posts Pics on 2ch:
    1. hitwoman 2. see 1.

  • JK Beheads Classmate, Posts Pics on 2ch:
    unfortunately there is no death penalty for under-18 in Japan. but she can (and probably will) get a life imprisonment sentence. after this happens, the earlier she can appeal and try to be released is 10 after the sentence, but usually takes longer. so I`d bet she will probably be released when she hits her 35~45 years old, there’s several cases like this already.

  • Slender Satsuki Figure:
    I suggest looking at the Satsuki Oppai mouse pad that’s out at the end of the month, its like 4000 yen.

  • Slender Satsuki Figure:
    Anyone but Wave please. Wave releasing a beach figure would be a huge disrespect to the character. She deserves nothing but the best. And Wave are shit.


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