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There is no such thing as a “draw” in football. Every match has a winner.

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  • Top 10 Ideal Anime Teachers:
    There were live actions of it where they even went to Tawain find them watch them all.

  • Top 10 Ideal Anime Teachers:
    GTO was already THE Greatest Teacher OniZuka of all TIME

  • Haruhi: “Now Teaching English to Students”:
    While I agree, he’s an old white dude with zero relations to the Japanese aside from that one book. He wouldn’t increase appeal to learn

  • Kantai Collection Arcade Cuter Than Ever:
    The Arcade version has a Ship’s steering wheel and throttle control and big buttons to time your shots – i suppose half the fun is controlling the ship as well as a huge Card Reader – you buy giant trading cards with chips and barcodes on them and then swipe them into the system. These cards contain their equipment and level up stats. There are rare versions of these giant cards – check ebay to see what i mean.

  • Kantai Collection Arcade Cuter Than Ever:
    exactly – aracades in America are completely dead but in Japan theyre multi-story super building entertainment central hubs of awesome !


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