Comment on Shibuya Football Hooligans “Almost As Bad As The English” by Shiro_Amada:

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Meh. Definitely not worse than Serbian hooligans.

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  • Monmusu BD PV Nipples Monstrous Indeed:
    The bad question is: if you’re watching this, shouldn’t it be fore the nipples? The good question is: how desperate in life are you, if you need to watch cartoons with drawn nipples in it?

  • Splatoon Splatfest Promo “Pretty Weird…”:
    I’ve seen bizarrer things come from Japan.

  • Top 10 Anime Characters – NewType, April 2015:
    Well for once I’m actually quite surprised this list in particular doesn’t consist of 9 characters from a single anime, and 1 oddball. On the other hand, you can (once again) see the trend of dominant (and re-current) anime resting on their laurels yet again. How come there’s (almost) no new characters on these lists most of the time, but only already seen faces, reapearing in season 2? Oh, right, because the Japs are a bunch of overtraditional xenophobic goons that are so inert, it takes a …

  • Kinky Awoken Hera-Ur Figure:
    There’s something mesmerizing about blue skinned deamon girls. Must be the gaze of the hellspawn.


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