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Maybe because they ARE transvestites?

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  • Youjo Senki An Absolute Rush:
    Sorry, instead of “retreated” it should read “retracted”.

  • Youjo Senki An Absolute Rush:
    I am definitely not a pedo either, but i like Youjo Senki for other reasons. It`s historical speculative view of different WW1 is interesting with it`s alternative timeframe and development of technology plus addition of magically boosted weapons. And alternative timetable of how countries entered and retreated to participate in fighting. To ep.11 British have not really included themselves into action yet. In Tanyas world there would not have been any hitler either. Imperial Germania would …

  • Himejima School “Hard Knocks Indeed”:
    There is this kind of women in reality, and i have been with half dozen of them. It was great! Excellent sexy anatomy in many ways.

  • Himejima School “Hard Knocks Indeed”:
    Voluptuous thighs and booty are as important as big tits for good looks. Guys who say these type of women are fat are mostly very young and their tastes will develope in time. No woman with much narrower waist than bust and hips cant be called fat.

  • Gabriel Dropout Gone to The Dogs:
    I wonder how many sisters Gabriel has? We have seen that little imouto, then pc-fearing one (younger too)in this episode, and then they mentioned big sister in the end of this episode.


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