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actually, make-up can very well give the illusion of changing facial structures – it comes down to faking light and shadows where it isn’t to give the impression of depth and volume where there is none. 16 and 17 are particularly good examples of the false depth – by darkening the temples and under the cheekbones and powdering up the forehead, under the eyes, and in the tear duct area, the girls end up with what appears to be a more aesthetic facial structure.

basically it’s the same stuff you do when painting, but on your face.

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  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
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  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    Photoshop is 98% of the cases

  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    OMG the boundless ignorance of the internet never ceases to amaze me. – These pics are before and after shots for showing makeovers (it would be completely pointless to photoshop them when they are meant to display the skill of the makeup artist). – Though yes, the after photos are indeed subject to much better photographic conditions. – The face structures have not changed, they are illusions of makeup – its called contouring! – If you would like to see more examples of before and after but …

  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    What is natural beauty? Is it looking like a human being? Is it looking like you’ve got makeup on without makeup?

  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    hey here’s an absolutely novel thought maybe these women are wearing makeup because they fucking like it, not because they feel obligated to impress anyone if it ~*distresses*~ you then you’re obviously not mature enough to accept that

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