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Makeup lets you loose a decent ammount of weight like in #11…….?


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  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC: “The Tiniest Yet!”:
    Yeah, the stripper pole dances are usually a good “sign” of it being Xtreme. DoA of course not, but even paradise doesn’t have them put on the shows.

  • Pure Meiki Cheerleader Onahole Cheers Loudly:
    I came to this to ask if any of these ever look/are designed differently which they usually never are. But boy was I surprised, lol..

  • Oni Chichi: Refresh Darker Than Anticipated:
    Is there even a question…? It’s a dildo entering her, dad’s smirking the whole time, Airi even says “Why are his hands soft like a girls…” , and he suddenly stops talking for “some reason”.

  • Top 20 Mangaka Who Slack Off Too Much!:
    Never ending boat ride and all that, but Griff’s “happy magical unicorn island” would probably be considered development.. Either way, Miura’s artwork is so downright amazing it makes you wonder how some of the people can “get away with” such chicken scratch..

  • Mesu Kyoushi 4 Violates More Succulent Sensei:
    Yuuri would do anything to keep anything from shaming or disrupting seishuu academy. That’s all it is, where does all this “i r no speks moonspeak so it’s prob ntr, stupid bitch! I wants vanilla!!” stuff come from…? Much like all the other “NTR” series that are just blackmail..


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