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Makes me feel a bit better about my usually makeup-less face.

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  • Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 Porno Debut:
    You’re right that it shouldn’t be natural, but stupid me lost the ability to edit my comment just a minute after I posted, so I couldn’t clarify. I just don’t think it should be considered especially shameful considering the visual nature of the talent/idol/gravure/av industry. It would be better for everyone if more beautiful women could take part in AV without all the stigma attached. It’s not a particularly dangerous line of work if you’re working with high-budget stuff, but unfortunately …

  • Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 Porno Debut:
    I did read it correctly, but I lost my ability to edit, which was why I replied to my comment that is now downvoted down there…

  • Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 Porno Debut:
    I just don’t think having sex on camera for money should destroy someone. But I’m pretty progressive when it comes to issues of sex, and I don’t find it an especially degrading act. If people remember this beautiful woman as a whore, that’s society’s problem. To me she is a beautiful woman.

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica Petanko Figures:
    Affiliate links = money for sankaku. It’s not hard to figure out. But anyone who knows anything about figure collecting knows to where to get it for cheaper.

  • Morning Musume Maki Goto’s $1,000,000 Porno Debut:
    And porno, if the money’s good enough, as shown here.


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