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Did you actually ever look at a PC/console comparison of the Crysis port? They’ve massively scaled down the graphics in practically every way. The console port may feature some “altered” lighting effects, but they are hardly “better”, and in most cases the changes look considerably less realistic, with blown highlights and oversaturated colors attempting to oscure the lack of detail. The foliage is far more sparse and less detailed, and tons of objects are missing from the the environment or simplified. Crysis on the PC looks nearly photorealistic, while Crysis on consoles looks like its running on the old Far Cry engine. They look like totally different generations of games.

I suspect you haven’t actually seen any comparisons between the two, so here’s a video comparison between the 360 and PC. It’s probably best to view the video at 1080p, but even at low resolution the differences should be like night and day…

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