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I’m a PC gamer, I have quite a rig and I play all games on maxed out settings…but god “PC gamers” piss me off. By which I mean the idiots here immediately dismissing this incredible looking stuff just because it’s on a console. You need look no further as to why developers and publishers interact with you assholes as little as possible. What’s worse is you make the rest of us look like dicks by association.

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  • School Milk Banned “For Destroying Japanese Culture”:
    I eat school lunches in Japan but I’m lactose intolerant, it’s actually quite annoying having to drink milk every time because I get the shits afterwards. Still, while the kids complain sometimes you can’t argue with the nutritional benefits, and milk’s good stuff! Also, I disagree that it’s so bad with white rice. Rice pudding’s milk based after all. That this was even considered, let alone got through, is pretty scary.

  • Japan Whaling Ban “An Attack on Japanese Culture!”:
    I’m glad to see it. I’ve had whale here though, it’s delicious. I may care about the health of the oceans (if for no other reason than ensuring the food supply into the future) but I don’t blame them for doing it. It’s like a slightly fishy beef, awesome.

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo Nipple Exposure Climax:
    I’m down for it getting a third myself, but personally I kinda got tired of the humor. After a while you can see exactly where the jokes are going for the most part and it stops being as funny. When it is funny, it is really funny though.

  • Fate/stay night 2014 PV Arrives:
    Here’s hoping it’s NOT heaven’s feel. That one’s too long, too grimdark, and Sakura’s just not a good heroine. I wouldn’t mind a new route altogether that picked and chose some from all 3 routes, since even HF has some awesome moments in it. I do think that although it was pretty decent, UBW got a bit hosed storyline wise with that movie.

  • Ufotable’s Fate/stay night “Best Fate Yet!?”:
    Hoping it’s not HF cuz, bleh Sakura. I’d love a full series version of UBW or a remake of Fate, since the original anime wasn’t exactly well produced. HF and it’s overlong melodrama can stay in the VN.


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