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I get the feeling that a big group of people just read the title and felt the need to post a comment based solely on that. While of course consoles do not match high-end PCs(and don’t say even cheap ones can get it done, because you’ll be spending over 700$), GTAV may be the best to date.

Now granted of course Crysis was a massive and beautifuly done game, I consider it a PC game first, but even there my 4-yo 700$ pc can only handle medium graphic settings, but at 1080res. Considering that Rockstar does a proper installment on PC, many will be seeing superior graphics on PC compared to consoles.

To end this, I will quote, “show some of the most impressive graphics of any video game to date.” This does not claim it the best, the title of this article was meant to catch the reader’s eye, which I believe it did quite smashingly.

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  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    “Computer = monitor” This made my day.

  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    You’re not serious are you? :P

  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    You guys who say people are annoying are even more annoying. :D

  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    Did you actually ever look at a PC/console comparison of the Crysis port? They’ve massively scaled down the graphics in practically every way. The console port may feature some “altered” lighting effects, but they are hardly “better”, and in most cases the changes look considerably less realistic, with blown highlights and oversaturated colors attempting to oscure the lack of detail. The foliage is far more sparse and less detailed, and tons of objects are missing from the the environment or …

  • GTAV “Has Best Graphics Yet”:
    This article feels off topic.

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