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Just put a bag over the head so as not to get frightened by the makeup and she’ll be perfect.

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  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    Honestly, .Hack did it better a full decade before SAO, but I think SAO is still fun even without the *insert people die if they are killed meme.gif here* drama, so I’ll keep watching anyways.

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    Umm, Professor Kokonoe is already a nekomimi. You obviously can’t make a character cuter by adding cat ears and a tail, when they already have cat ears and a tail.

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    And now Anon is scrambling to cover up a stupid comment, amusing. You might almost have a point, you know, if it wasn’t for the fact that the anime is based on a light novel series, and that the Caliber side story, including Shinon’s cait sith ALO character, appears in the 8th volume of the light novel, published in August of 2011, almost a full year before the first season of the anime started. Now unless you want to claim the Author has precognitive powers and predicted that the second season …

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    How is it, “plothole’d in”? The Cait Sith were established as a playable race in ALO back in the first season, and Kirito demonstrated that you can transfer characters between games.

  • Sword Art Online 2 Massively Cute:
    Nekomimi is like the super saiyan of cuteness. Take any attractive anime female, add cat ears and tail and they’re instantly 50x cuter.


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