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It also seems fishy that their entire maternal family appears to willfully disacknowledge their existence for no apparent reason. Why were their paternal grandparents the only ones to volunteer caring for them?

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  • Chuunibyou Sexy Beach Episode:
    13:10, There is a difference between not being capable to support them alone (and thus letting them live with other parts of the family) and completely disacknowledging them. I don’t think the latter is more common in Japan with any significance. What kind of experience are you speaking from? Have you worked in Japan? Did you get insight into family affairs of female Japanese coworkers or female Japanese singles with children?

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    I’m surprised noone made comment to the fact that the Golden Retriever wanted to get all frisky with Shinka. I.E. he thinks she’s one hot sexy ‘bitch’. (I like Shinka BTW, i just thought it was funny) Kyoani does Fanservice the smart way. No need for silly dumb boob grabs and pantsu shots. Just a small tiny mole at the top of a sleeping girls cleavage. Much more subtle and erotic than forced pantsu poses. Rikka’s little black dress and Kumin’s summer outfit were also drool inducing.

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    It IS, statistically, far more common in Eastern families. Its not because Japanese women are assholes. Its because many of them are not socially capable of supporting a family. Citation needed. But I speak mostly from experience. Women in the workforce is a very modern thing, quite exclusive to the western world.

  • Chuunibyou Sexy Beach Episode:
    Uh. that’s not common in Japan, moron.

  • Chuunibyou Sexy Beach Episode:
    They truly are Gods.

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    She reminds me of a certain German girl from a certain naval anime… :p

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    1/10 Needs more Evas :-(

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    He’s a big guy

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    Yup, you know this actually reminds me of the rage I had when MMX7 and 8 went 3D. I have nothing against 3D games but for fucks sake if you can’t even get Zero’s sword right then that’s probably a good indication that it’s not time to move to 3D yet. Nowadays something like that could easily be done but it’s still better to go 2D imo if the alternative is these shit-tier graphics. Actually thinking about it looking at what they did with the limits of the GBA and DS I’d be interested in seeing …

  • Mighty No. 9 Looking Mighty Fine:
    How to make this trailer atleast somewhat legit: Step 1: Mute the video thus protecting your senses from the cringe that is the music and especially the narrator. Step 2: Play a different song while watching the video (I used a cover of Abandoned Memory from Megaman 10). Step 3: Enjoy your new cringe free viewing experience! Step 4: There is no step 4 but I like even numbers so here we are.


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