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I just want it to be a cool episode with loads of kick ass jokes and not only sexy. Thats what i expect of chu2.

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  • Cyborg 009 VS Devilman Trailer Overflowing With Nostalgia:
    Haven’t seen/heard of any of them before, but this looks kinda awesome.

  • Top 30 Unknown Anime & Manga You’d Recommend:
    Utena is unknown! Well, I didn’t knew that at least. Well, glad Naruto isn’t listed, if it were this would’ve been the most unaccurate list of Sankakus of all times.

  • Perfume Event Quite Spectacular:
    The visuals were indeed awesome, I would like to see work with this quality on some lives from those really popular and wealthy singers out there (yes I’m pointing my finger at you Ayu, Madonna). Still the camera of this vid was weird @_@ and the song, judging from the reaction of yelling ppl wasn’t the best for a live maybe. I Pretty much liked it, although not fan of these girls at all.

  • Top 30 Most Appropriate Voices in Anime:
    I agree on the inappropriate voice for: Goku, Lelouch I couldn’t care less on those “bishounen” characters. I totally disagree on voices for: Gintoki, Lina Inverse, Chiyo, Luffy. They fit perfectly!

  • Snow Miku 2015 Live Magical Indeed:
    Still think that Miku 39’s Giving Day was the best Miku’s live, the selection of music back then smoothly guided audience’s mood trough the whole performance. Thing that last lives haven’t fully achieved.


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