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I just want it to be a cool episode with loads of kick ass jokes and not only sexy. Thats what i expect of chu2.

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  • Top 10 Light Novel Anime Needing Sequels:
    The only thing Re0 and SAO need is to be forgotten.

  • Overlord Anime 2nd Season Apparently Due:
    Hope it doesn’t sucks as the corresponding manga chapters, filled with lizards bullcrap.

  • Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Passes Away:
    Not mutually exclusive, all really went south quality wise. Personally I still like more titles from Namco > SE > Capcom > Konami. But hey, at least it haven’t reached the levels of Ubisoft or EA. =S

  • Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Passes Away:
    At least Tales is way better than FF. >=D

  • Ghost in The Shell: Live Action Film VS Anime:
    The movie’s cast is trash; Johanson is too cute to be Kusanagi. Kusanagi isn’t cute, she may be a beauty, but not cute. Kusanagi is an stern adult, experienced military officer that has suffered a great deal since childhood due to her body, Johanson just looks like a generic pampered millennial kid. Batou, fits better but not there yet. In any case, even if everything else sucks those who watch the movie may at least enjoy the explosions, is the only thing that Hollywood will never let you down …


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