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Like anon, I think the anime series was awesome. Ok, you have scenes from the manga missing or censored in the tv show, but in exchange you have great voice acting, a superb soundtrack and awesome character designs and animation. So the show is great in it’s own way, and have lots of good stuff that you can’t have reading the manga.

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  • Dimension W More Abusive Than Ever:
    It’s always good to see bitches getting put in their rightful place. I hope this triggers the fuck out of SJWs. Let them cry on tumblr and twatter.

  • Shoujo Kara Shoujo e Raunchy & Retro:
    That pun in the title is hilarious. 少女 means little girl or maiden 娼女 means prostitute

  • Spice & Wolf Sequel Light Novel Announced:
    Horo is top tier waifu material.

  • Spice & Wolf Sequel Light Novel Announced:
    They should first continue the previous anime and complete it, a 52 eps anime would complete the entire novel with 4 45 min long OVAs for book 4. By the time there’s enough material for Sequel, the anime will get completed with BD releases. Personally I have no idea why they completely disregarded continuation of the anime series, I read the novels twice by now, I would read it again with pleasure, the story is great, and deserves much love. The author sure loves the fans, and i am grateful for …

  • Spice & Wolf Sequel Light Novel Announced:
    It would of been nice if they would just make a 3rd season to close out it a good ending


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