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You want detail story on that arc, go read the manga

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  • Re:Zero Inches Ever Closer to Zero Hour:
    its gonna be really evil if they end it in the same way of the ln :3 -*spoiller alert*- if it does follow the wn/ln -this is the ending of the 3rd arc, 9th volume of the ln -subaru absorb the powers of this archebisp of sloth. -emilia joins subaru again. Her reason since the beggining to not want him together in the capital is because she thinks that the hate she receives by beeing a half-elf would affect those close to her like subaru. -a archebisp of another sin attacked the capital at the …

  • Re:Zero Inches Ever Closer to Zero Hour:
    Another thing to notice…i believe this is the 3rd webnovel in japan that ended up beeing popular enought to receive a printed book version by a major publisher and score a tv anime by beeing in top10 best seller lns ranks. The other 2 were sao (that was much worse to begin with, accel world is way more polished) and mahouka (that is good, but the tv adaptation is terrible). If it sells well, it might be a signal of a shift in the industry…

  • Re:Zero Inches Ever Closer to Zero Hour:
    I started to read the ln long ago, so i was waiting re:zero anime to be close to the end to marathon everything. As expected, some crucial lines/scenes were cut together with trivial ones to make it fit, but generally i liked a lot. It mantained the rhythm of 2,7 chaps per volume, and some unorthodox choices of the directors really shinned: -showing the ending animation is the exception, not the rule, only 6 out 24 chaps so far had it. In the majority the ending music played in low volume while …

  • Re:Zero Inches Ever Closer to Zero Hour:
    “It’s a trap” Admiral Ackbar, 1982

  • Berserk 2016 Pucking Gruesome:
    i dislike the 3d, but about the framerate it’s actually the oposite. In KoS for example the 3D was at 60fps, if you view it in a mid quality rip you won’t see the movement at all.


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