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Will never happen. That woudl be like telling Microsoft to support all versions of Windows because they created them, or telling a company that drops it’s printer line to focus on it’s camera line it must continue working printers. Don’t be dumb.

Shit gets dropped all the time Do I blame Sony? Nope.

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  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Anon @ 21:25 14/11/2012 Please get your facts straight before you try to argue something clearly wrong. There are many games that use more than 16GB, so I don’t know what you’re saying… Have you ever played FFXIII? They had to reduce quality when they ported it over to the Xbox to make it fit on their HD-DVDs because they can only handle 15 GB per layer, where as BD has 25GB per layer.

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Sony has the right to ban them from their online services; however, at least they are only banning users from it and not bricking their consoles unlike Microsoft… They can still use their PS3 offline for items that are playable now. Who knows if they’ll be able to play future titles tho… It’s all a chance they take when they decide to illegally access content. I’m sure they know the risks.

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    As pathetic of a list as the site they got the information from.

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    Wow, good way to spin it SanCom. You do realize they were advertising the fact that you can design your own Mii and fight using them, right? Instead, let’s play the AKB48 hate card and rally up some angry discussion. Honestly who care’s who they use, and using AKB48 in an advertisement for JAPAN makes sense with their chart rankings (which could be disputed). Instead of generic Miis, let’s use someone people know (for better or worse). You’d probably call it a stretch if they used some kind of …

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    Seriously, how does the most bland im@s girl get voted to the top of this chart? Honestly, if she wasn’t the like “poster girl” of the franchise, she’d be forgotten about. It just hurts when you compare her to almost all of the other characters on this list that have more character and diversity and she still comes out above them. It’s rather absurd.

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    I wouldn’t say the list is horribly organized. Haven’t watched Jojo’s, but I hear good things… Mahouka is a bit over rated, I dono if I’d place it in second, probably 4th imo. Switch the place of Break Blade with Gokukoku no Brynhildr They really need to switch the position of Issukan Friends and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou… And No Game, No Life… please, it’s a lessor ripoff of Mondajitachi and all it has going for it are ecchi and loli. Doesn’t deserve that position. However, being what’s …

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    I call BS on this. Love Live’s first episode was absolute garbage and one of, if not the worst, first episode of an anime I’ve ever seen.


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