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Not really. Hacks have been around for a couple years now, but they mostly involved special hardware and/or specific firmware versions. Once Sony announced plans to remove the OtherOS option (Linux), then people actually tried to break the system. A couple months later, the system was broken wide open without any special hardware. Sony fought back by modifying their loading process with 3.60+, but “the scene” stopped trying for the most part. They actually had the means to break that (due to breaking the highest-up, unmodifiable root key), but it wasn’t released until just recently – and only because a leak was being used to attempt to profit off the information.

Sony’s security on the PS3 is great from a theoretical standpoint, but it’s implementation was awful. It used an improper type of hypervisor for security. It implemented a PKI without knowing the weaknesses of said (closed) system. It was full of major security weaknesses that negate all the positives of their design.

Oh, and I teach a cryptology and access controls course for a university. Sony dropped the ball on this one. For all the good mechanisms they put into place, they ruined the system as a whole with some poorly implemented pieces.

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  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Actually, you’re most likely the “dumb shit” as Japan and the US both use the NTSC format. PAL is for Europe and the chances of the previous Anon being in the US is greater. However, in the PS2 Era they had region locking that a backwards compatible PS3 still respects despite the PS3 software being mostly region free. The discs are not encoded differently it’s just their region key doesn’t match the one the PS2 emulation software is asking for. Do some research before you call someone an idiot …

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Get a fucking account. It isn’t hard.

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Actually, no, they didn’t get away with it. The few cases in question that were pushed they settled.

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    Not going to work, Cu. As soon as people ‘downvote’ your website in Google, people will be able to find the actual ‘real’ LV0 codes easily.

  • Sony Threatens Mass Bans for PS3 Pirates:
    No, my argument is not invalid, to be blunt. I was talking about OTHER people besides him, you obsequious nitwit.

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