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Considering how long it took them to crack the PS3, it’s kind of a hollow victory. Gotta hand it to Sony, they made the PS3 one tough nut to crack.

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  • Fatal Frame: “The Wii U is Finally Worth Owning!”:
    The Wii U has been worth owning for ages. Just more Sankaku yellow journalism.

  • Hatsune Miku to Debut on The Late Show:
    Ugh…why did it have to be Letterman? He’s the worst late night talkshow host. Wish it was Conan, or at the very least Fallon…

  • AKB48 Joins the Brawl:
    I know that, I’ve had an import 3DS for years. Anyway, the demo of the game is awesome, so I can’t wait to play the final game tomorrow!

  • AKB48 Joins the Brawl:
    Can’t wait to play this game. I’m importing the 3DS version on Friday. I’ll wait for the North American version of the Wii U version though.

  • Hyrule “Harem” Warriors:
    They’ve already shown tons of footage of the North American version, and it’s not censored. Hardly surprising considering Nintendo rarely, if ever, censors anything these days. This isn’t the late 80s or early 90s anymore. Not sure where you’ve been over the last 20 years… : /


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