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that bookshelf is both inefficient and creepy. you want to fuck your doll and you hit your nuts on the shelves, and if you want to take it out to fuck it properly you’ll need screw drivers and make a mess.

also, fucking creepy.

… I just realize that I don’t find the actual fuck doll creepy, just having it in a bookshelf. It is official, I’ve been on the internet long enough and I’m all fucked up :)

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    An idiotic list to begin with, and then lacks nichijou, hanasaku iroha, another or high schoolof the dead. Total dildos Also tiger & bunny fucking sucks gigantic amounts of dick.

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    I guess thats as intimate as any of those otaku has ever been with a woman, so I guess to them that counts as sex and by extention prostitution. Its funny how Japan has become nothing but beta virgins, and the only people fucking are old salarymen and teen/preteen girls. Incidentally, they fuck each other.

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    This is why we can’t have nice things!

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    Loli in a tube? I like it. Perfect packing and presentation, like a giant tube of Pringles filled with a loli, tight seal to conserve freshness *me salivates*

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    I’m beginning to wonder if the Japanese are either tremendously paranoid and stupid for reporting such innocuous things as potential threats, or if these reports are total media bullshit and the public is just (largely) stupid enough to believe them.


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