Comment on Total Eclipse Totally Massacred by Censors by keron:

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So even the dvd have been censored? it’s as bad as how queens blade got censored.

Luckily Queens blade didnt get censored when it came to the US, so hopefully when Total Eclispe gets a US release, i wont be also heavily edited.

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    three words for that. never gonna happen.. if they did,none of the US companies would even go near it. hell the series wouldnt be this popular if it did went full ero. and considering that there havent been any new news of any new seasons of highschool dxd, its a safe bet that this series wont be going all ero anytime soon if at all. though the chances of this series getting licensed and dubbed by an US company is the same chance for valkyrie drive mermaid. very slim to none cause the …

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    i’m surprised that capcom havent made a patch to block these fanmade nudity mods.there is no way this thing is official otherwise the ESRB would have given this game the dreaded M rating right alongside dead or alive.

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    this was no surprise at all. if they had removed athena from the game, the entire KOF fanbase would have been in an uproar. the same goes for mai.

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    its as I said in a previous forum. no and I mean no otaku is selling what their buying. we all know that they got pressured by parental advocates and others like the ESRB to keep the game from going down the M rated path ala dead or alive. it would have been better to just fess up ,take your lumps and move on instead of this farce of a statement that we all suspected from the start.

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