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So even the dvd have been censored? it’s as bad as how queens blade got censored.

Luckily Queens blade didnt get censored when it came to the US, so hopefully when Total Eclispe gets a US release, i wont be also heavily edited.

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  • Prisma Illya BD Naughtier Than Ever:
    and unfortuately which is now the main MO for magical girl series. no thanks to the mind thumbed creeepy otaku types the current and new magical girls from nanoha,madoka magica and prisma illya has to have some kind of yuri aspect for it to be popular. not that there is wrong with it, but it kinda feels that its taking over the genre a little too much for my liking.

  • Prisma Illya BD Magically Moe:
    its official now. just like with nanoha and madoka magica, fate kaleid have gone to the yuri side which will mean no chance of her telling shiro how she feels.

  • Prisma Illya 2wei! Magical Finale Not Final After All:
    i highly doubt that. my guess will be their version of kirei kotomine. they would have to especially if they really decide to bring in gilgamesh.

  • Strike Witches Kurenai no Majotachi Bathing Extravaganza:
    well there is one thing for certain. this version will never be released in the US which sucks on so many levels.

  • Shinryaku Ika Musume OAD Chaotic as Ever:
    I’m more surprised that they actually had a fanservice OVA version of squid girl considering a majority of people who arent otakus was griping about kodomo no jikan.


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