Comment on Total Eclipse Totally Massacred by Censors by keron:

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So even the dvd have been censored? it’s as bad as how queens blade got censored.

Luckily Queens blade didnt get censored when it came to the US, so hopefully when Total Eclispe gets a US release, i wont be also heavily edited.

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  • Ghost in the Shell Movie “Flops Dismally”:
    this was no surprise. it went completely south the minute mamoru oshii tried that PR interview to save the movie but this mess was going to tank and hard. this flop have proven what i have been saying for years. hollywood and adaptations will NEVER EVER MIX!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

  • Sis-com! -Sister Compact- Profusely Incestuous:
    i really dont see the issue. who cares if their end up creating a family from that. i dont see the problem. and i couldnt stop them if that sibling couple are that in love. love doesnt pick side or morals. when it happens, it hapens. its as the okd saying. “to each his own”

  • Sis-com! -Sister Compact- Profusely Incestuous:
    at least they werent doing the stepsibling bs. hopefully this is popular enough to get an ero ova series. haven been one since aki sora and swing out sisters.

  • Mother & Son Incest Game “Do Your Mom For Money”:
    dont be surprised they are. dont forget, that stupid tokyo youth ordinace bill have pretty much killed the blood related incest genre whether its in an ero game, or an ero animated series or non ero series. now its either they must be not blood related or else. wat too stupid oc a law.

  • King of Fighters XIV Trailer Enlists More Bruisers:
    not surprising. capcom and snk have been cloning off one another for years now. and after seeing nelson who is a blantant clone of balrog & not venessa , dont be surprised if they do clones of ryu , ken , gouken , akuma and sakura.


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