Comment on Total Eclipse Totally Massacred by Censors by keron:

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So even the dvd have been censored? it’s as bad as how queens blade got censored.

Luckily Queens blade didnt get censored when it came to the US, so hopefully when Total Eclispe gets a US release, i wont be also heavily edited.

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    not surprising. capcom and snk have been cloning off one another for years now. and after seeing nelson who is a blantant clone of balrog & not venessa , dont be surprised if they do clones of ryu , ken , gouken , akuma and sakura.

  • Oni Chichi: Refresh Darker Than Anticipated:
    this is here why i prefer the actual thing over the non blood related bs like in “crappy chichi” at least in the ero series papa love it wad concensual,not forced like what this bastard of a demon is doing to his stepdaughters. this series need to end with this prick getting caught and sent to jail like that teacher.

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    i for one say thr less hardcore stuff there is, the better. the last thing is for the series to go down the same sick road as euphoria.

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    should have included renka ma from the kenichi the mightest diciple series instead of female ranma since she is clearly NOT chineese

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    well, this series chances on coming to the us have become smaller. it tried its best to be like madoka magica and all it does is make the series a magical girl version of X 1999. definitely an auto avoid and if it will be no short of a miracle if gets BOTH A US RELEASE & AN ENGLISH DUB!!!


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