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Doormats are boring.

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  • Top 10 Worst Manga-to-Anime Adaptations:
    Don’t forget Blade of the Immortal. 13 episode shit pile to tries to cover a manga that ranks alongside Vagabond in greatness.

  • Felix Argyle Cosplay Terrifically Titillating:
    The clitoris is often referred to as the female penis.

  • Parasyte Promo Airs on Toonami:
    American leftist femnazis invading Japan with their progressive BS is what screwed everything up. Japanese producers and TV stations didn’t give two shits before that. Lately though some of it is the censor with light rays so you have buy the Bluray to see it uncensored scam. Even if it’s not that bad. Excellent marketing ploy.

  • Escaflowne English Dub PV Emerges:
    I’ve still have my original Bandai DVD box set with 16 year old Maaya Sakamoto in her first major seiyuu performance. Extra’s included videos of her singing all the songs that appeared in the series plus Japanese cast interviews including score composer Yoko Kanno. I could really give two shits less about a new English dub.

  • Comiket 90 Cosplay Festively Phenomenal:
    Love the terrorist with the RPG. Only in peaceful no muslims Japan. Lol! Anyplace else and he’s a bullet riddled corpse.


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