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Doormats are boring.

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  • Top 20 Most Inspiring Anime Leaders:
    I agree but the chances of Matsumoto san getting the funding for a trilogy would have been problamatical. Especially at his age (78). I considereed it his swan song. I thought Mime was stunningly beautiful and we secretly all knew she had a mouth. After all where did all that booze go. Lol!

  • Top 20 Most Inspiring Anime Leaders:
    I agree with you and have everything you can get that is Harlock including ones you omitted including: Harlock Saga Arcadia of My Youth Endless Odyssey I also enjoyed the CGI movie. CGI isn’t going away so I just accept it for what it is Harlock is the true pirate of honor.

  • Top 20 Anime Adaptations Better Than The Manga:
    Read or Dream which was the anime R.O.D. the TV Rahxephon Excel Saga to name a few.

  • Taiga Aisaka Cosplay Tiny & Formidable:
    Just a joke but the US is so batshit paranoid about pedo’s I go out of my way NOT to have any verbal interaction with neighborhood kids if it can possibly be avoided.

  • Taiga Aisaka Cosplay Tiny & Formidable:
    Why do I feel a jail term is imminent in my country for just looking at these pics. Lol! She’s really cute and a perfect Taiga!


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