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Doormats are boring.

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  • Father Murdered With Chopsticks: “He Was Annoying!”:
    Pretty sure these weren’t the disposable chopsticks that come with a bento from the local konbini.

  • Chickens Hatched Outside Eggshell “The First Ever!”:
    Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”. Assembly line babies where the sex and the intelligence level were chosen. A few bred leaders and technocrats. The rest to work in the factories, empty the trashcans and mop the floors. Way ahead of its time when published in 1932. The kinder, gentler 1984 authoritarian state.

  • Parents Abandon Son in Mountains As Punishment:
    Guess they never watched Higurashi. Send him to the basement torture chamber like the Sonozaki’s or the bad aunt and uncle like Satoko Hojo.

  • Harmonious Kaori Miyazono Figure:
    I was just re-watching Shigatsu last bight and her face looks nothing like Kaori.

  • Stalker Stabs J-Pop Idol Mayu Tomita:
    It’s the same thing in the US. The cops really can’t do anything until something bad happens. All they can do is talk. It’s up to the victim to get an order of protection from the court and that’s not really worth the paper it’s printed on. Just ask all the wives and kids that have been killed by pissed off ex husbands and boyfriends after one was issued. Sucks.


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