Comment on Top 10 Anime Girls You’d Rather Die Than Marry by Anonymous:

You must be brave if you want to marry those type of people. I hope you can find them in real life.

My real shock is how these three girls didn’t get into this list,
1. Revy (black lagoon)
2. Nami (one piece)
3. Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan)

Death is more preferable than marrying these girls if you ask me.

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    it’ll tank; their entry into the tablet market is too far behind crapple to even put a dent in their sales margins. also the docking station design is exactly how i said sony should have designed and marketed vita before it was released. they could have easily designed a simple dock for hdmi/power. and simply relied on dualshock3/4 controllers for external/additional input, but no sony is run by jew bastards.

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    The two anons are Wrong The original game was an arcade game, later it was ported to consoles. The sega game and the Nes game are completely different to the original arcade.

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    he’s such a fucking douche. don’t know who i dislike more, fallon or conan.

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    arm chips are not x86

  • PlayStation 4 Sales Top 50 Million:
    PC is cheaper? :D lol


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