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Counterpoint: Event Horizon

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  • AKB Otaku Creates Robo-Yukirin: “Now Just Add Hands…”:
    I wish the robot didn’t look perplexed or uncomfortable.

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling:
    Like many, I wondered why anyone would try to remake the original classic. I found this post online which explains the existence of this new Sailor Moon adaptation. I am presenting it here for your consumption: ————————– WHAT HAPPENED WAS A FANCIFUL TALE OF CORPORATE HUBRIS! 1- Toei is the anime company that owns both Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, and thus never has to produce anything else, ever. OR SO THEY THOUGHT! 2- So ten years ago, they made a weird-as-hell live action …

  • Sailor Moon Crystal Quite Bedazzling:
    >D.I.C. version voice actors actually did a better job on teh 1st 45 shows than the Japanese originals did Wow, that’s hilarious.

  • 51% of Young Men “Have Never Even Heard of Gundam”:
    Sweeping generalization that isn’t always true: Young people today have amazing access to all forms of media but won’t look at anything made before (current date – 6 years). It’s a shame.

  • Black Bullet More Depressing Than Ever:
    Please don’t do that to a real little girl. Save it for your doujins. If the holodeck ever is real, I’ll form a holo-harem full of lolita girls.


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