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why jojo isn’t on the list lol

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  • Nanoha Vivid Bathing & Battles Galore:
    Seinen is NOT bloody. If anything, sugar coated little girls are the epitome of seinen more than anything.

  • Nanoha Vivid Bathing & Battles Galore:
    It’s less lolicon than ever, for instance just LOOK at the fucking episode. All lolis get are far and poorly drawn shots, while only the older girls get decent service shots and close ups.

  • Obama to Japan: “Thanks for Manga & Anime!”:
    The work thing also goes for japanese ladies, no time for real husbandos when u gotta work work work.

  • Futabu Really Milking It Hard…:
    Yeah NTR and rape hentai sucks also vanilla shit sucks too. Viper GTS one of the best.

  • Nanoha Vivid Bathing & Battles Galore:
    Too bad Force is shit because of that goddamn pretty boy fuckface who should NEVER have taken the spot of Nanoha. Even worse, the creators got the nerve to make him look better than her. They have a wonderful series with a strong female lead and they want to destroy it by that male fuckface? That fuckface should get his head tossed around and pinned to a tree by Scorpion.


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