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A few years ago Square-Enix produced NieR, which had an absolutely amazing story and nobody bought it.

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  • Trinity Seven Brimming with Plot – “Really!”:
    I’m amazed you actually like hayate which sucked till hinagiku arc in s2 and has a lot of otaku jokes. ZnT s1 – s1 good, rest is mediocre, good jokes but… Negima anime ? anyone seriously liked it ? just skip anime and read manga. Didn’t watch unbreakable machine doll but it looks like the other ones that follow, sort of emo.

  • Naruto Online Unveils “China Quality” Trailer:
    it’s iso and mmo, so it’s like wakfu… That’s an impressive display of game culture, for sure.

  • Korg Unleashes K-ON! Keytar:
    This isn’t even actually K-on! inspired at all. The RK model has been around since the 1980s. This is just a revival of that. Just another marketing technique I suppose to rope in new customers into the market. (Besides this looks exactly the same as the regular RK-100s models anyway. They could have at least made a model with a special K-On! paintjob…….. Korg what are you doing???

  • Trinity Seven Brimming with Plot – “Really!”:
    Manga>Anime in this case, i’m not just talking about drawing, even the way jokes are shown in manga it has more impact even though content is the same.

  • Trinity Seven Brimming with Plot – “Really!”:
    Umm actually there’s nothing worse than harem genre without a plot.


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