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Pretty much all RPGs are cookie cutter. They follow the simple formula that something bad is happening in the world(examples someone is going to destroy it, a cataclysm is about to happen, simply war is tear apart the world, etc.) and a group of friends are forced into action to save the world. That is the general over arching story for most RPGs.

Its what happens on the way to saving the world that decides whether or not a RPG is good.

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  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    Genghis Khan wasn’t a Mongolian at all. He was a so-called Caucasian. All those portraits of him with so-called Asian features are made up to hide his real identity. Look up the description of Khan. No Mongolian looks like that.

  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    Heartless? Not at all. It practically saved millions of American soldiers, what better choice than that? Japan were their enemy and the bomb even saved Japanese lives. Because if not for the bomb American would have to send ground troops to defeat Japan and that will actually cause more death than we can ever imagine. The bomb kill a total of 110,000-230,000 at most but the invasion would’ve killed millions… tens of millions.

  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    There’s people that still believe in that Nanking nonsense? The one without adequate evidence? That’s akin to the holohoax over in Germany where even talking against that in the Eastern Hemisphere is sought with Jail time to hush people up while the real Holocaust happened here in the Americas from North to South with the genocide of the Indigenous people who are still alive living in the ghettoes of America across the continent.

  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    The USA has been a evil country since their so-called European descendants arrived in the shores of North America in the late 1500s and murdering the Indigenous tribes and lay claim they “discovered” the lands when people were already there just like their brethren the Spaniards, French, Portuguese, Dutch, etc in Central, South America and the Caribbean Islands saying the same load of crap. They have instigated wars for so long many seem to not realize the real history the victors try to …

  • Obama to Japan: “I Will Not Apologize For Hiroshima!”:
    By that time in the war we had bombed everything of military significance..


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