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Speaking of Megami Tensei, let’s not forget Persona as well!

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  • Old VS New Character Designs “Pretty Jarring”:
    Ash looks like a Mexican in the last picture.

  • Old VS New Character Designs “Pretty Jarring”: Yes.

  • Hajimete no Gal “Now With More Kurogal Bitchi”:
    Again here we go with more Japanese pointless censoring. Another show that would be awesome except for again the needless censoring. And why is it that this guy’s friends hate him for being so lucky. Is this a Japanese culture thing. Seriously I don’t understand. In America if your friends get in some pussy, you’re happy for him. But in all of the shows if one guy happens to get lucky all his friends and the rest of the class want to beat him up. Why is that?Maybe that explains the low birth …

  • Marvelous Mirror Goddess Quite the Beauty:
    Come on Japan get with the program stop the need for stupid censoring enjoy a woman’s vagina. embrace it. Relish in the asshole. enjoy all of it. stop pretending that us westerners are the barbarians. We all can appreciate a beautiful woman and her genitalia. Long live the beautiful perfect female form

  • Hajimete no Gal “Now With More Kurogal Bitchi”:
    She’s sexy. Dude should have a threesome with both of the girls.


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