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One bad guy in the game called the big meteor looking thing, that is actually a prison for Bahamut, after kicking the shit out of the bad guy the summon did not stop and the big prison meteor thing and shit got real, all the animals and mobs fled the place and higher level monsters took their place, things got so messed up, chocobo’s were being summoned in towns.

The main protagonists of the game were off doing their own thing praying to gods and stuff and the armies were out for blood (because why not). Once everyone was organized for the final battle the main characters were their to reseal Bahamut but he cast, lv5 fuck yo’ shit up, aka megaflare.

Old epic guy realized things were done so he teleported everyone to the future as a final resort.

TL;DR: 1.21 gigawats

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    Actually series 1 of Nanoha is back in 2005…pretty sure Naruto predate it at around 2002…

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    This series is by Seven Arcs- the anime studio that did all the other Nanoha related series (including the Triangle Heart OVAs); Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid on the other hand is animated by A-1 Picture. This anime is more like a spin-off than an continuation that just happen to take place in the same world setting anyway.

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    Nitorin, where ?

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