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One bad guy in the game called the big meteor looking thing, that is actually a prison for Bahamut, after kicking the shit out of the bad guy the summon did not stop and the big prison meteor thing and shit got real, all the animals and mobs fled the place and higher level monsters took their place, things got so messed up, chocobo’s were being summoned in towns.

The main protagonists of the game were off doing their own thing praying to gods and stuff and the armies were out for blood (because why not). Once everyone was organized for the final battle the main characters were their to reseal Bahamut but he cast, lv5 fuck yo’ shit up, aka megaflare.

Old epic guy realized things were done so he teleported everyone to the future as a final resort.

TL;DR: 1.21 gigawats

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  • Infinite Stratos 2: Love & Purge “Very Hands-On”:
    The dub for this series is among the worst I’ve ever heard for an anime, even 4kids level bad. They had the VAs do laughably bad fake accents, the Charlotte one for a french person is stupid. I doubt there’s any french person on this planet that speaks like that.

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Grapples With Service:
    But I think we all know we’re unlikely to get a second season anyway. They could have cut that one scene out and had the perfect ending. This series sold fairly well but Kyoani will probably be looking at stuff that will bring in more $$$$.

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    I like yuri romance. Of all the romance combinations, it’s the most… soothing, and comfortable, and just generally makes me feel good. Most male romance protagonists are either semi-helpless, overpowered self-inserts, or complete assholes. There’s just something that drives the majority of the male-oriented culture that I absolutely hate. So most of the time, male x female pairs end up distasteful, if not outright repellent. On the other hand, pure female yuri sex feels.. lacking. Physically, …

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Grapples With Service:
    thats because this isnt some original work and is based on a LN

  • Amagi Brilliant Park Grapples With Service:
    Be warned the current fansub version is full of errors and little more than guesswork done by someone illiterate in Japanese.


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