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The White Raven, one of the head honchos Garlean Empire’s (the primary enemy that lives to the north of the people of the continent Eorzea) military was manipulated into calling down Dalamud, the second moon of Hydaelyn (the planet that XIV takes place on) in an effort to destroy the land, and he used his resources as a military leader to pull it off.

In response the players were forced to help encourage and reassemble the three “Grand Companies” of Eorzea – Eorzea’s own military force – and get these groups to cooperate with each other in an effort to stop the Empire before it was too late to stop the “meteor”. After a series of quests the Grand Companies form the Eorzean Alliance, and help the player defeat The White Raven, however their efforts were in vain as Dalamud is still plummeting toward the planet.

In a last ditch effort Loisoux (an archon, or physical manifestation of one The Twelve, the gods that Eorzenas pray to, and the old man in the cinematic) suggests that the player make a pilgrimage and pray to the 12 stones that represent The Twelve. Should the prayers be answered, then the archons will be able to use the power of The Twelve to stop Dalamud, the meteor.

Basically the last cinematic is showing the final confrontation between the Garlean Empire and the Eorzean Alliance. The three people on chocobos are the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance, and the old Elezen man is Loisoux, the archon. The meteor falls and Bahamut breaks out of it (and so it is revealed that the White Raven was manipulated by Bahamut into summining him back to Hydaelyn), Loisoux and the other archons attempt to use the power of the gods to reseal him, but he breaks free and fucks everything up. Once the seal fails, Loisoux teleports everyone away from harm, presumably to the future, however there are theories that we were returned to “The Mother Crystal” so that it can dream up a new Eorzea, however since we know that Bahamut is prsent in ARR, we can assume that we were sent to the future.

TLDR – Evil guy summons Bahamut, the good guys try to use the power of their gods to stop him, he fucks shit up anyway and they’re sent 5 years into the future so that they won’t die.

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