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BDFF’s system was great, reverting back to the old FF job changing system and the social features are quite refreshing…

But I don’t think I am the only one who feels the story is rather cookie cutter…

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  • Final Fantasy XIV Ends, Realm Reborn Gameplay Revealed:
    That’s the point… If Square Enix wants a second chance at the JRPG market, they need to do to their stories what they have done with BDFF’s system, which is to take a leaf from their earlier works, and improve from there.

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    It will pick up over the next few episodes when it switches to Kirito’s adventures in GGO, and then slows down back to the current pace with Sinon’s emo-ing halfway through the BOB tournament. After which it will pick up again towards the climax.

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    “the dead care not for it.” Such wise words. You speak as if you have been dead before, and can see from their perspective.

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    It’s that Griffon face again…

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    @19:52 If that comment looks incoherent to you, man you need to go back to grade school. Anyway, saying “don’t think you’re some kind of big shot on the internet” then commanding that others should not be allowed to express their opinions? Good job big shot ;)

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    I am pretty sure most of the (non-readers of the original light novels) viewers started out thinking the same as you, but as other replies have mentioned, this anime is just surprisingly good for something with such a silly setting. Give it a try and watch the first two episodes. I believe most of us were hooked on episode 2.


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