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Most of pop stars actually exist

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  • CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star”:
    Maybe it’s miku fans who doesn’t appreciate music and just watch the videos because of the moe-ness of miku? I could agree there are tons of creative music from vocaloid, however, that creative music comes from the fans, their creativity and their soul. Vocaloid is just a blank painting, it’s the fans who paint over it and give it shape, maybe that’s the essence of the fakeness of Miku Hatsune and half of the pop starts, they’re just a product, and the art comes from a different source The main …

  • CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star”:
    I usually read Book-to-movies book, not Movies-to-book

  • CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star”:
    Saying Miku is Vocaloid is like saying a tree is a guitar, just because is the prime matter of a product doesn’t mean the prime matter IS the product, you idiot Or are you forgetting Kaito, the Kagamine siblings and Luka? no matter, they are nobody, just the damn main “personas” of the damn program you apparently love so much

  • CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star”:
    8:42@ “So “Miku does not exist materialistically” was your argument all along? We all know that as a fact. She’s virtual.” That was the argument all along, but idiots are denying that simple fact and making up lame excuses to keep arguing just because they don’t want to admit that she does in fact NOT exist That was the point all along, that she doesn’t exist, that she is not real, and people just keep denying that simple truth, so yea, that was my argument, that was the blogger’s argument, and …

  • CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star”:
    I admited both are crap and both are followed by retarded people

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