Comment on CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star” by Anonymous:

If I write a book, my book is real. Here I like a voice synthesizer, what in the world makes you think that very synthesizer doesn’t exist?

Who ever told you I BELIEVE that Miku is real? Don’t even try to insert words I didn’t spoke because that’s precisely doing what the CBS guy did: making assumptions.

And, like someone here wrote, “fake” really implies it’s some sort of scam, lie or something. NO ONE EVER hid the fact that Miku is a created, fictional character (it’s like the labels on McDonalds coffee “CAUTION: HOT”. there should be a printed comment “no shit, sherlock”. Same thing here, just no label. you need a label?). And “Fakest” is not a word. Almost feels like a 12 year old wrote a school essay or something…

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