Comment on CBS: Hatsune Miku “World’s Fakest Pop Star” by Anonymous:

If I write a book, my book is real. Here I like a voice synthesizer, what in the world makes you think that very synthesizer doesn’t exist?

Who ever told you I BELIEVE that Miku is real? Don’t even try to insert words I didn’t spoke because that’s precisely doing what the CBS guy did: making assumptions.

And, like someone here wrote, “fake” really implies it’s some sort of scam, lie or something. NO ONE EVER hid the fact that Miku is a created, fictional character (it’s like the labels on McDonalds coffee “CAUTION: HOT”. there should be a printed comment “no shit, sherlock”. Same thing here, just no label. you need a label?). And “Fakest” is not a word. Almost feels like a 12 year old wrote a school essay or something…

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    Wow, I’m not the only one who thought of her? lol. Or did Sakura Sena do it first? I like it. Sure it’s probably only possible in real life by surgical means but in the anime world it can be totally natural, hehe. Anyways, it’s just another case of exaggeration or hyper-idealism/perfection in art. It’s the best of big boobs and small boobs since it combines both size and gravity-defying perkiness. Well anyways if we wanted realistic boobs, we’d look at the real things then, right?

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    wow! bitte…. das ich das noch höre…. wow! please…. that I have survived long enough to hear that…

  • Milky Holmes Movie Detectored:
    He’s probably just into rape hentai, is far-right conservative, or a misogynist.

  • Milky Holmes Movie Detectored:
    And you’re a relic of the the victorian era.

  • Milky Holmes Movie Detectored:
    I actually seriously thought this whole time that this anime was made for and mostly watched by actual kids, for once. Don’t ruin that for me!


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